Heavy Metal Insight

Recently I was working and talking to a friend. It was a nice afternoon, coffee, an music. So I am listening to the sweet soulful sounds of Megadeath. The response was simple, “glad it’s you!”

Yes heavy metal. Now there is a time an a place for metal. I am not suggesting that when you want to relax Anthrax isn’t the band you turn to. But, people don’t give it the credit it deserves.

Not all music or metal is created with equal intelligent insight. Some is simple noise however others offer questions. The questions scare some an these questions create the negative kickback sometimes associated with metal.

The father of metal, Ozzy Osbourne or would it be Black Sabbath. Questioning the generals gathering in masses. Like witches at black masses. Could be scary could be the truth.  You may just want to take Bruce Dickinson advice and Run to the Hills.

Or do these questions arise because it’s the music of youth.

Sometimes the simple names of Metal Bands can scare the parents, grandparents and teachers of our youth. I will never forget the frank conversion I had with my grandmother. I was 13 just getting into AC/DC, Kiss an others who real are considered hard rock now not metal but back than the were the devils minions. Kids In Satan’s Service will have you worshiping the devil. Now Gene Simmons has his own family show that shows how good of a guy he really is, a true family man, not the demon he plays on stage. During the discussion she showed me literature showing demonic signs and symbols, mainstays of any metal album cover.

I actually enjoyed the conversion it was nice to see how much she cared for me. She was somewhat mislead as t0 the content 0f the music but was well meaning. But after that I started to listen to what was really being said. What really was there message.

Like I said before all metal is not the same, insert your death metal hate group here. I don’t listen to supper speed metal, death metal or one of the  main others sub genres. But the main stream metal which has stood the test of time.  I do not have any issue with this other genres I just don’t listen to them.

Metal is very similar in some respects to gangster rap.  No the content isn’t the same, the way that each artist makes their art isn’t the same.  The issues that others attach to the music can be very much the same.  Just as 2 Live Crew received the same media attention, scrutiny and censorship.  Many of the heavy metal icons found themselves intertwined in the same backlash and scrutiny.

I know what you thinking….2 Live Crew really was that the best you could come up with.  Yes, there are many other examples but since I was listening to older Heavy Metal might as well pull out the old school gangsta rap.

I can’t sit here an tell you what the message should be, what the message was or what it is.  Music is art in itself.  I can tell you what I think and how it has effected me. You know what, it has made me think and made me ask questions.

That is the best kind of art!

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