Bruce Cockburn and his Crystal Ball

I was doing some work listening to my Ipod.  A new song that recently I rediscovered came on.  One of the great things about having my Ipod is going through all my CD’s and rediscovering them.

So there I am listening to Barenaked Ladies cover a great tune by another Canadian Icon Bruce Cockburn.  The song got me thinking!

I first discovered the Barenaked Ladies back in Jr High when they first released their Indie single “Lovers in a Dangerous Time”.  I was drawn to watch their video on Much music.  Look at what they had going for them,  their name…Barenaked Ladies, talking about lovers and teenage hormones.  I don’t have to say I was somewhat disappointed when I found out the band was made up of five guys from Toronto.

But the music was really good.  I have seen them live and their shows are amazing.

So one of the greatest lyrics in this song is:

“got to kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight.”

There are just so many ways to take that line… This version of this song came from a tribute album titled Kick at the Darkness.

This song got me thinking about Bruce Cockburn, an officer of the Order of Canada and a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.  When this song was first released by Cockburn it was followed up by the song “If I had a Rocket Launcher.”  One could look at this and say the first song about lovers and than second about protest and war.  I look at it and think maybe he had a crystal ball.

Think about it.  Play any of the Grand Theft Auto and there you go you have a rocket launcher in a contemporary cityscape.

Maybe someone from Rockstar listen to Canadian 80’s pop and was inspired to develop the sandbox game.

Now you can have a rocket launcher anywhere.  You can load GTA Chinatown onto your Ipod Touch and than literary take it anywhere!

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