MTB World Cup Fun

I love to mountain bike.  It’s an amazing sport it’s something anyone can do all you need is a bike and you can ride.  I have always enjoyed watching the pro ride.  However coming from the East Coast of Canada there aren’t a lot of pro riders.  Well, when I started riding there wasn’t one of the top women in the world is from New Brunswick now!

It’s Sunday morning and I am watching the MTB World Cup Race live.  But not on TV, it’s a live stream on the net.  It has me thinking how the net and the World Wide Web has changed. 

When I started riding you got your information an tips from magazines.  They weren’t even Real Mountain biking magazines but were road riding magazines.  Publications like Bicycle that had sections devoted to the Fat Tire side of riding. The media coverage was changing along with the sport.

Then they had their own magazines and the first videos. They weren’t easy to find but you heard about them they were out there.  Publications like Mountain Bike Action and Bike. With the start of the net came web sites.  As with any subject there were the good sites and the not so good.  Every now and then you might get to see a race on television.

There are some amazing sites out there now and huge communities.  Pink Bike is a one stop shop with a great base of riders sharing with one another.

Mountain bike videos also established themselves.  They were no longer guys in their back yard but were established series with beautiful cinematic settings. The guys from the Collective are just amazing.  They are even featured in a Television commercial for a television.

It’s pretty cool and I see it only getting better. Devices like iPad allow you to take your media with you and follow your passions.  Great applications like Red Bull TV that are streaming this race allows anyone to stay informed.

Got to go see how our Canadian girl is doing!

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