Artist Unkown Track Unkown

When as in Jr High and High School I always like to make the provable mixed tape.  I am pretty sure my wife still has hers.  There is nothing like trying to listen to the top 9 at nine and trying to record your music!

It was always a lot of fun making the mix and deciding how the tape would flow.  The process got even easier with the advent of disc burners and blank CD’s.  I made lots of great music.  My 8 disc of 80’s music is still awesome!

When everyone started to make their disc or tapes, you would have the media that’s it.  There was no shazam to tell you what you were listening to on your Walkman or ghetto blaster!

You knew you had a good mix tape when the DJ took the time to write out all the songs and artist. Then, with computers and CD player displays the information had to be included on your burned disc.  Nothing worse that unknown artist or unknown title.

Make a good mix tape takes some of the same talents that make a good designer.  That little extra attention to detail can make you or break you.

There are no unknown artists in my iPod!

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