Pre iPhone

My story starts a little over a week ago.  I was getting ready to leave on a road trip.  All packed, everything moved out to my vehicle, a sunny day.  I don’t want to forget anything so I check my mental list.  I just have to get my phone and say my good byes.

I have a small media center where I keep my phone and other electronics that need to be charged up.  My phone, a Palm Pre, is plugged in all charged up ready to go.  I grab at it, but it slips through my grasp. In slow motion falls toward the carpeted floor.  Amazingly it doesn’t strike the file cabinet, the desk or a nearby coffee table.  It simply lands softly on the floor.

I would love to say this is the first time that I have ever dropped my phone.   But, that would be a lie. They have all survived!  I have had a cell phone since 2000 when you could drive over them…ok that might be a little much.

I grabbed up my phone go to put it in its case and I am out the door.  WAIT!  There appears to be a hair on the screen, yes it’s a hair. No, it’s not; the screen has some hair line cracks and is broken.  Initially my hope told me maybe it would work.  My hopes were crushed once I tried the touch screen.

Now I wouldn’t say I was upset but I wouldn’t say I was happy.  Luck was somewhat on my side as I found an old phone and was able to have it activated for my road trip.  The drive went off without a hitch.  I spent it listening to Pod Casts and good music all the while pondering what phone I would get next.

I have had lots of phone and even PDA’s.   I had a Palm when it was only called a Palm.  I need a PDA and going an extended time period without a smart phone isn’t going to go over well.  I have two real options as to what phone is next.  There is the iPhone 4 or a high end Android device.   I loved my pre.  I have always liked Palm.  Their Palm Pilots, you couldn’t kill them, web OS is awesome.  However the hardware of the Pre was it down fall.  Time to move on.  One of the major factors in my decision is not losing any of my data.

During the drive I pretty well made up my mind but the final decision would be made at the counter at the Bell Aliant store.   The people at Bell are great to deal with.  The policy they must follow isn’t nearly as great.  I would have to pay out a penalty for breaking my own phone, even thou I was signing a new contract and even thou  I had never put any type of claim in the last ten years that I have been their customer.  I wasn’t happy.  To the credit of the company I completed a survey and stated I was unhappy and within a day I received a phone call.  Now they haven’t done anything yet for me but are a looking into it.  It’s a start.

After all the penalties, phone cost, insurance and a new fancy case I had my new phone.  I chose the iPhone.  Why?

I chose this phone because I have an iPod Touch.  I have apps bought already, I have all my data on the iPod and I can sync them and Bobs your uncle.   It’s never that easy because I don’t have an Uncle Bob.

The iOS is going to be getting a lot of new features in the near future.   Now the iPhone is a walled garden but it’s where everyone is playing.  I am no Apple fan boy but I do like their devices.  Installing iTunes onto my laptop wasn’t all that fun but after some up and down and around I was able to get it installed and my phone synced with my iPod.

Now I got my calendar and contacts but because at present you can only sync with one computer I don’t have all my apps or any music.  That will wait till I get to my laptop.  I am excited to have my new phone and I am excited for some of the changes.

iOS 5 is going to have a lot of features that my Pre had.   Until I had my new phone I didn’t realize how much I use the To Do app on my Pre.  The iPhone doesn’t have one.  It really shouldn’t have taken this long to get this feature but I am excited for it.  There are a lot of tweaks coming that will make the phone even better.  Cloud based syncing along with wireless syncing, new notifications and even a new iPhone messaging system (can you say Blackberry messenger).   I can’t wait.  Check out all the updates here.  There are over 200 changes on their way.

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