Show of Force, The Cape Breton Air Show

This weekend is going to be a great weekend. It’s going to be a weekend that really starts the summer off. This weekend CBRM is organizing a Show of Force.

The event is designed to not only an air show in the look up in the sky the whole time show this show is about showing what the Canadian Forces has to offer.  I have been part of the organizing committee helping as a military rep.  It started as a drip and has turned into a flood of support.  We are going to be able to show case vehicles, gear and the people of the CF.

The Snow Birds are coming along with the Sky Hawks. We will have lots of air demo’s with CF 18’s and other air craft.  This is one of the few all military air shows in the country.

On the ground there will be lots of ground static and even some moving displays.  There is a lot of support coming from all over.  We are not getting one LAV but three of them.  Even more so you can go for a ride in one. All of the local units well be on hand. They will have static displays and their people so you can learn what they are all about.  Juno Bear will be around to for the kids. Face painting to the army way!

But that’s not all. There is a LEO coming.  Who or What is LEO.  LEO is what armored officers call the CF’s main battle tank the Leopard.  We will get to see a Leopard 1 C2A.  Might even get to see it move around.

So come out an join us this weekend. There is a lot to see an do.  Make sure you say hi!

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