Music, Tech and Little People

I have to thank my wife’s cousin for introducing modern pop music to my kids.  The kids five and three are now in love with Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and Kate Perry.  How do I know they are in love?  I think it’s either the way the dance around the house or in their car seats or how they know ever lyric.

The kids love nothing better than asking Daddy to watch music video’s on Youtube.

Lately they have rediscover old pop.  They love the Spice Girls and Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls just want to have fun”.  It is funny watching a three year old boy sing Girls just want to have fun at the top of his lungs.

Things have changed from when I was a kid.  The advent of the music video.  Watching the music video shows on CBC.  Building up the never to watch all of “thriller”!

This past weekend, they got toy computers.  As they sat together last night the Three year old called to his sister saying he was downloading the new Lady Gaga video.  His sister responded with cool I am just typing you an email.

As my wife and I watched she asked if I could remember the Commodore 64 tape drive.  Sadly I could. Hell they won’t even know what a Walkman was!

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