Blogging and Ideas

You know the problem with blogging isn’t coming up with what to write. The problem is determining just what should be written.

I have so many different ideas I want to write about and more that flow through my mind.  Like right now Ironman the movie is on.  How cool would it be to have some of the tech that Tony Stark has.

Then there is the post I want to write about the new show called Coal.  It follows the tradition of the Deadliest Catch.  It holds special meaning to me.   My family coming from a long list of coal miners.  It was always amazing to sit and listen to my grandfather tell the stories about being in the pit.

A lot of those experiences made it into Andrew Doyle’s song “The Price.”  You can check the song out on Itunes or get the whole disc from his site.

Or I could write that post about how I design.  What my thoughts are on it.

Oh and there is that one about how a page does go live because it becomes a living thing once it starts.

I can talk about how the Habs are in the Playoffs.  (Enough about that I don’t want to jinx’s them anymore then they already are.)

So that’s a start.  Till next time!

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