A Web Page and Mixed Tapes

When I was a young teenager I enjoyed making mixed tapes.  I was no DJ. I left that to my Best Friend who had his own business out of high school.  He still rocks the turn tables in Calgary.  VJ Tell X was the guy who could make the tapes seamless.

Myself, well I was more about the content.  Looking for more interesting tunes that maybe no one else had.  A tape with the Red Hot Chill Peppers before they were the Chill Peppers we now know.

As technology advanced it only made the mix tape even better.  It was no longer a tape but a CD.  I still have my 80’s Mix Cd’s.

What made the personal Mix of music even better was sharing your mix of music with your friends. Taking what you found mixing it together and sharing it.  What made the process even better when those same friends made their mixes and gave them to you.

Now, web design is a lot like making your mixed tape.  You take what you know, add some flash to it and spin it around and post it for your friends. The tape was all about information and your page is information.

Isn’t Web 2.0 all about sharing! I will be right back I need to find my Billy Idol White Wedding mix…

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