I Like Star Trek…But I am not a Trekkie

As a young kid I loved watching the original Star Trek.  At the time I thought it was great TV.  Not as good as my Dukes of Hazard but all and all it was pretty good.

I use to watch it on Saturday.  Captain Kirk always got into some sort of fight where his shirt was ripped, Scotty would get them out of a jam, Bone was a doctor dam it and spoke was just like Zen cool guy.

I watched the movies but only if they were on, never really went out of my way but they were good in their Trekkie ways.

The Next Generation came out. I thought it sucked I really did.  That first coulple of seasons were not all that great. The show did start to gain traction and get out the door until after the first couple of seasons. I did not start really watching except re-runs.  They were on during that time of the day were nothing good was on tv but old shows.  After Next Gen I really could not buy into all of their spin offs.  They did not possess the same spirit. It was all about making the money.

Recently there has been some neat shows on talking about the impact that the Star Trek Universe has on our society.  Everything from Space Shuttles being named after the shows main ship to inspiration for the cell phone.  There is no getting away from it the show did very well with showing us whats coming.

I just started my own Star Trek experience. I got myself an E-Reader. I love it!

I bought a very simple device.  I did not get an IPad or a tablet type PC.  This is  just built for reading. But the whole idea of having so many books in your hand at once is just so Star Trek.

I remember the scenes when Picard was working in his office an someone would come in with a problem that needed solving.  He would place his tablet down and go on to fix the problem.  It is just amazing that we are there. I am sure I am not the first one to talk about it.

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2 Responses to I Like Star Trek…But I am not a Trekkie

  1. Tammy says:

    Great Blog! and so very true. Much of the stuff we do today is very Star Trekish.

    Did you know you could also use your Blackberry Phone as an ereader by downloading the Kobo software? Technology seizes to amaze me everytime 🙂

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