Disorganization, Clarity and Zen

Recently I have been very busy.

My Web Design program has been quickly coming to a close.  I designed, coded and fixed up my final project which is my own web page.  I have picked out a name and once I get my comments and marks all I have to do is let the page go live.  Once it’s live it will be time to example how the design works.  I think it’s clean, modern and clean.  I like it!

As this was going on I participated in a major exercise and started a new job with work.  I am even starting my web design job search.  Do you need your web presence enhanced, a new design…Let me know.

I have learned an important lesson.

It’s so important to have clarity and Zen at your side to combat disorganization.

I have seen many instances where everything appears to be off the rails and going down in flames.  But, keep your head, keep your focus the clarity will lead you to your Zen and tell you what has to be done. Once your able to get what has to be done…You just got to do it!

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