Flash in a Pan

So I have started my final week of my Flash Module for school.  It has gone well.  I feel I have a good grasp of how the program works and I have already come up with some ideas of how to implement different things into some pages I am working on.

The concept for the final project is simple.  Create a web page using only flash.  Basically, forcing you to use all the skills you have used during this module.  As part of developing this page you simply start from scratch.  You develop the idea into a wire-frame and than into the page itself.

So I came up with a concept/theme.  I call the site “Rock It”.

You have to keep in mind that this is a purely fictional company.   This companies main product or service you may say is simply making you and your photo’s rock!  How do they do that.  The idea or the hook that I came up with is… They take your photo and than add rocks into it.

So on the services page I have a cool photo of grass on the beach which than is shown changed and rocked by Rock It to be a bunch of rocks no grass. Of course the font I have chosen is called Rockwell. Stay tuned to my Flicker as I will post screen shots when I am complete.

So I know what has to be done. The design is in play, the wire-frame is done and I thought the Flash base was completed.  I was wrong.   So I have to redo the flash stuff mainly because I don’t like how I set it up and I think it’s easier to start from the beginning then rework it.  However, it will go faster the second time around (or is it the ninth time).

I designed cool logo to go with my fake company.  The Rock It logo which can be found in my Flicker stream shows depending on how you look at.  Rocks falling down a hill side or an asteroid hurtling towards Earth!

So I can see the steps, I started the journey and I have stumbled a little.  Now it’s time to get up and simply Rock it!

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