Fifty with the Bells

Recently I had the opportunity to play a couple of pick of games of Tarabish.   What is Tarabish?  Well only a non-Caper would ask such a question.

It’s a card game.  A card game that most say is truly a Cape Breton card game as it’s not played with a full deck.  The game has so many different origin stories that I really don’t know where it came from.  The one that I am most familiar with is that it came from World War I when the Cape Breton troops were playing cards and lost some of the cards.  I don’t know how true that it is. The game was hodgepodge of other games. But, it is our game!

I do know, that the game has taught me a great many lessons.  Not only a whole no vernacular including words like bait, a Linganer, Bella and of course all the colourful language that follows a misplay!

The biggest lesson that the game has taught me is discipline.  Not only the discipline not to duck my the ace when I shouldn’t or the discipline to show your twenty when your partner is probably going to go bait cause he/she was forced.  No.  The discipline I am talking about is making it to class… will most class when I was in University.  The game when I attend Cape Breton University (then known as University College of Cape Breton (UCCB)  The game wasn’t a game it was your religion.

You couldn’t make it from one side to the other side of the campus with not only seeing dozen’s of games being played but being asked to play.  I mostly played with a group in the Student Union Bar, “The Pit”. They had beer!  But the discipline came when you were on the winning streak and the other team wanted one more game to play for the rubber.

Bish was always better than a psych class.  But you disciplined yourself to play only to 300 rather than the standard 500.  There are many who didn’t learn that lesson and simply got a degree in Bish.

I have recently taught some friends to play and I am enjoying getting back into the swing of it.  The rust is getting knocked off and I am starting to count the Trump cards.

But there is nothing better than Fifty with the Bells!  Well maybe if you have the nine to…

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One Response to Fifty with the Bells

  1. hgbg33 says:

    Well I happen to enjoy a competetive game of tarabish myself……and there is something even better than having the nine…..its a fifty,a twenty,and bella…..I am a tarabish champion…..I have won some nice prizes in tournaments that I have played in…..and sometimes I like to call myself Mis-play….my career at cbu….has spanned over a 15 year period since 1996 and I have never once played a game of tarabish at school……but I do have the degrees to prove it!

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