Merry Xmas and Bah Humbug!

Today is Christmas Eve.  The day before the most holy day in Christianity, oh wait or is it the day before we celebrate our flagrant consumerism.

It’s tough nut to crunch especially when your three year old is running around half naked saying he was wet…. I so hope he didn’t leave me a present.

So to date this particular holiday season seems to suck a little more than previous years.  I have never been a fan of the holiday season.  I have always thought why do we (soceity) need a special time to be nice to one another.  If we all decided to be nice to one another all the time we would be all in a better place.  Plus I suck at gift giving.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love giving something to someone, seeing their face light up.  I just feel like  I am no good at it.

A friend posted on Facebook the other day, “Its so much easier Christmas shopping for yourself.”

Today I must brave the shopping.  Most of the work is already done but I have to do my part.  With so much going on this holiday season I have continued to push it farther to the rear.

A lot has gone on this holiday season which will ensure that it won’t be the same as others. The most grievous blow that my family suffered was the death of my father-in-law.  Something that would be extremely difficulty no matter the time of year but at this time it would seem even more so.

The wake and funeral services were tough on everyone.  His loss will be felt for quiet sometime.

It has been raining here for what feels like forty days and forty nights.  We will be having a green Christmas.  The rain created a small river in the basement of my mother-in-laws which just added insult to injury.  Mind you after spending several hours pumping water out the insurance company came through and will be finishing the job.  Allowing everyone a little sigh of relief.

Now in this day an age of Wiki Leaks, rain storms and happy holidays hope can be seen in kids.  Yeah sappy, I know but the way they tackle things and make their world work it’s amazing.  My daughter woke me up this morning in a minor panic.  “Daddy he didn’t come last night! CHECK THE STOCKINGS!”  A short conversion that Santa doesn’t come till tonight set her world back on track :D.

So I am off to the battle grounds.  Wish me luck and keep the beer on ice.  I am going to need one or ten when I get back.

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