“Title fr Bike Mag/Movie/Website”

Recently I feed my addiction by viewing some new media. I fell prey to some simple marketing, while waiting at Shoppers I started to view the magazine stand.

Even the smallest magazine rack has a plethora of titles. Personally I am only looking for some of the more narrow title fields. I love mountain biking!

Now the funny thing about the first two lines of this post they were written in Aug of this year. I put them aside because what I wanted to write about really hadn’t developed in a way that I wanted to express it. I have written about riding before it’s a true passion. Today I have come across two things on the the net that were just plan cool and inspiring!

I don’t know if the inspirations came from a site I was looking at earlier this week, my son asking to watch that mountain bike video again and than running around in circles as he pretend to ride “too fast” like the guys on the video. I do know the deal was sealed when a friend sent me a link to a youtube video. The video was a trailer for a upcoming movie, “Life Cycles”. Great name!

The death of the bike begins with it’s birth

After watching it the pieces came together.  I than went back to a web site that I had twitted about and really enjoyed exploring.  Anne Keller Photography site is a flash site I came across on Twitter.  Her photo was the photo of the day on Bike Magazine site.

Now when I first looked at her intro page I almost didn’t go any further. It was just, just not doing it for me.  But, I am really happy that I took the time to explore her site.  It’s awesome.  Her photo’s are amazing and even better they are presented in such a great clean and modern design.  Awesome stuff.

So the mountain bike mag I bought back in August.  I still have it.  It features and amazing photo spread.  Some of which were even in the movie that my son loves.

Wish it wasn’t pouring rain and hovering close to zero I would have to go out and thrash!

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