Deep Thoughts….Yes, Jack Handey is Real!

So the other day I was watching TV in a discussion and was informed, “… I have moved on keep up with the conversion.”

Of course I had missed something and was sitting there somewhat confused and this statement made me laugh as it was suppose to. We both had a good laugh to the point I felt it would be a great tweet. So I tweeted it!

Today I was informed that the quote was noticed. Another smile filled conversion took place as I explained how I thought it was great quote and it was all in good fun. The whole quote made me think of Jack Handey.

If you’re not aware who Jack Handey is than your in for a treat. Growing up Saturday Night Live was like a right of passage for a teenage boy. You got to stay up late and watch an over the top comedy fest. And there was some huge names Carvey, Myers, and Rock just to name a few. But one the segment that stuck with me was Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.

They were what we would now call the perfect Facebook status updates or a witty Tweet. This was before we even knew what Facebook or Twitter were.

I was thinking about this Blog post and thought I would do some research into this segment. I was expecting to find out that the writing team of SNL prepared these thoughts and that Jack Handey was their pen name. I was floored, ok just surprised, to find out that Jack Handey is a real person.

Now that is deep!

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