A Beanie and Web Standards

Today is Blue Beanie Day. What pray tell is that? It’s the day that you alter your Twitter, Facebook and any other profile pic to show you wearing a Blue Beanie in support of Web Standards. Even better you don’t actually have to wear a blue beanie. It’s perfectible acceptable to Photoshop one in or use a web service to apply a Beanie!

So what are Web Standards and what do they mean to you? Before I took my course I would have to say I had no idea what they were. But, my journey into web design has taught me their importance.

The net is virtually the wild west and in need of a standard to ensure that everyone can get the same experience out of this virtually play ground. As I have developed my skills I can only image what the net was like before standards started to have a wide following. It’s amazing even with the ground rules establish there is no limit on what one can do with a design.

Speaking about the net I started a Twitter account. Feel free to check me out at mtbsydney . What is really amazing thing about Twitter is it’s an opportunity to interact with some pretty amazing people. I am actually able to follow and interact with people who have written my text books, produce podcast that I listen to and are the pioneers of things such as Web Standards.

I felt it was time to try The Twitter. How can I suggest something to a client if I don’t know it inside out!

So happy Beanie Day! Enjoy what the Net is and what it so could be!

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