The Ergo Life

I have recently had the opportunity to become an ergonomics coach.  I would visit you at work an help establish a work zone that allows you the work to work in comfort.  I would help eliminate possibilities of repeat injures an general increase good feelings.

Yes, this course was some what touchy feely, rainbow an loolpops but deep down I really think there is something there.

I looked at my office set up and I know there are improvements to be made.  I compromises in our last office chair and I am paying for that now.  Sometimes going cheaper isn’t worth the pain in the ass, literally!

The cost of ergonomics is relatively low when you look at the big picture.  Yes, a new chair can be expensive but so can workers comp.  Some people say where was this years ago.  Well really we have always had ergonomics.  Back in the day, way back if you were a craftsmen you made your own tools.  They would fit you.  They would be ergonomic.

Its time to fit the job to the person.  Not fit the person to the job.

Now I just got to find a chair to fit my 6’2″ frame and my wife’s 5’2″ frame.  We won’t even comment on the weight difference!

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