Your Web Routine

They say we all get out of bed and put our feet on the floor. They say we all put our pants on one leg at a time. But do we all surf the same way?

As I have moved through my Web Design program I have changed the way I look at, surf and think about the net itself.

At present I start my day when the kids aren’t completely underfoot with getting on the computer, checking email and moving to the World Wide Web. I read some local papers (man they are bad here but a source of local news), Facebook, and checking the weather.

I have added some interesting reads that I have discovered.  Lifehacker, Reddit and a variety of design blogs.

We all have staples in our bookmark folder.  I love surfing IGN.

So the question is what is your Web Routine?  Share your links, show off your cool pages you found, pages you can’t live without.

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