The Mystic Puzzel

Why does my puzzle always look like something Picasso did during his blue phase.  I am not even using the color blue.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Eisenstein

As I worked through my first mod of CSS, than onto the final assignment and now start mod two I had a light bulb moment.  The web has changed an continues to change mofering into itself until one doesn’t even recognize ones self.

Wired magazine recently declare the internet dead.  With the advent of Ipod/phone/pad and an app for that mind set the old net is changing not dying.  Internet usage is up, traffic wise.  So what does it mean to die than.  Or, is it like a phoenix that raises self from the ashes but to become a different phoenix but still the same baseline.

All this thinking can be hard on the head.  The last time I took a philosophy class it was the best sleep I had all year.

I think I will stop there its time for a nap.

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