Preceptions and Cries for Attention

Our world is a turely amazing place.  The complexaity is astounding as well as the sheer simplicty that can shine through.

When you strip away our environment and take a look at what makes us what we are.

As humans we are social any intro psych or socologhy class well teach you that.  But being social doesn’t mean we are nice to one another.  It doesn’t mean we even will be nice to ourselves.

Sometimes the good shines through in fleeting rays of hope.  The rescuse of 33 miners traped for 69 days under ground.  Showing what our spieces can when the pressure is on.  Everything is all roses now, but how long before things cloud over.  How long before the media starts putting the spin to the storey.  As of this morining it could already be happening with some media saying that certain parties were hogging the lime light.  Is it fair to put such unbeliveable pressure on just a normal person.

So what are we suppose to do?  How do we become nicer?  If you were an alien and you were watching us what would you think?

My luck if I was the alien I would probaley end up watching either reruns of Happy Days or Threes Company.  Establish a uber realistic picture of our modern society.

There are so many peple out in the world and so many of them are lonely.  The lonely ones are the ones to watch.  The ones who create issuses for the rest of us.  Liars, cheaters general asses.

Maybe we should plug them into Happy Days feed.  Just not the one where the Fonz jumps the shark.  That would be just plain mean!

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One Response to Preceptions and Cries for Attention

  1. hgbg33 says:

    I don’t think Happy Days reruns are going to help the “lonely” members of societies…..Lonely people can’t be blamed for creating ISSUES for the rest of us…..lonely people create issues for themselves and we just decide to become active participants!!!!

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