Deep thoughts by….

I am enjoying being back in school.  It’s enjoyable, every step forward I can only image where this can take me.  Learning how to rely on my own creative energy rather than simply checking the proverbial box.

But, at points you can feel alone in a room full of people.  I am pretty sure there is a song lyric in their somewhere.

I have read a recent post at my schools internal form along with a response to the post.  They were good.  Discussing when its time to blog…what it means to blog and what it means to transform into a web designer.

Ok the last point is mine an maybe I am peeling back to many layers.  But they are all weighty questions.  Important questions.

Everything is very fast pace…sometimes moving so fast it seems like your standing still.

My mantra lately is all about taking one step at a time.

Do you remember the song from that Christmas special from years an years ago…

Put one foot in front of another la la la dee da da.

I can only remember  just enough to make the song into an ear worm.  Not to mention the stop motion dance.

Thank god no one is around to see this.

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3 Responses to Deep thoughts by….

  1. Tammy Hamoline says:

    I can totally relate to being “alone” in a room full of people. Especially when it comes to an online distant education course. At times when I panic, I hope and sometimes expect that “someone” is going to be there. To help me out with my normal frusterations to some assignments. Yes granted, we have our instructors, but sometimes it’s just nice to know that you are not “alone”.

    I rarely go onto the student centre (and I am not trying to be negative about this quotation) but I guess if I need to get past that “alone” stage, I just need to find the people around “me” somewhere else for now.

    You are absolutely right regarding how fast pace this journey is taking us on and it continues infinitely. Accepting this type of career is always going to be a “forever” learning channel. 🙂

    On a final note….I do not recall that Christmas song but you still made me laugh with your comical notations at the end. 🙂

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