Insert Whitty Memorable Remark Here…

So I have attempted to start this post at least three times… Thought about it for way too long.  I am not sure if I know the answer yet.

Whats on my mind.  I have been analyzing just what I can do what I can be what am I.  Yes deep indeed.

I have been thinking what does it mean to become a web designer.  To be someone who works with their mind rather than their hands.  It’s a fundamental change for me and I do enjoy it.  However, it doesn’t mean there isn’t some reluctance and nervousness on ones reliance on ones creativeness and imagination.

As I completed some of my reading as I traveled through my course content I found an interesting way that the web designer was described;

a web designer is both a programmer and graphic designer.  You program just enough to be dangerous and design enough graphics that you must know both disciplines.

Now I haven’t quoted the book directly and I am paraphrasing.  But, the feeling and the point of it holds so true and has resonated deep within me as I move ever so closer to the end of my education.

I still have some time to find how my unique perspective will fit onto the net.  The challenge is there and I will accept it.  I am still only new to this but I have already helped people with my skills.  I see ways to improve experiences and get the word out.

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One Response to Insert Whitty Memorable Remark Here…

  1. Tammy Hamoline says:

    I am sure with time coming close to finalizing your education, you will find out who you are and what your role will be. You are doing a great job Jason! 🙂


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