A Journey…

So I have began a journey. One that would take my family an I to another country. I don’t want to say foreign, after all we are only in he States.

The first part was a four an half hour car ride with kids, young kids and as I reflect we have completed the first of two flights. We are not off to see the wizard but he played one once.

The real first step was to get a head far enough with school so that I wouldn’t be working while away. There is something about doing distance learning that forces you to do more with your time. I have learned over this course that going to old fashion school would be much easier. With that said, these challenges are also good for you.

I have been working with dreamweaver the last few weeks and was able to get a few weeks ahead. I do not think the material was any easier, rather the program works like I think it would work. As I am working on a project I am thinking wouldn’t it be great if it did this an on the next page I am doing just that.

So I am off for a week. Time to people watch in a large airport.

Man there are some different people out here.

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