Nothing comes to those moments of clarity with a twist of chaos…

My addiction started in earnest back when I was around 13 years of age. I have always done it. I was supported by friends and family. Everyone seemed to be doing it in some form or another.

I held out for a while, I was driven to it as means of regetting to and from school. I was hooked.

It got serious really by accident. My parents saw my enjoyment and knew I need more. So they facilitated me.

My first real bike was a BRC mountain bike, it had crazy extreme (for the time) geometry and was black and neon green. No one else had a two tone bike. My introduction to mountain biking occurred a little later. I started with riding on the road with my mountain bike. My goal was to ride to our cottage 60 Kilometers away. I did it, more than once and came to attempt to beat my times. I was getting fit and enjoying the time in the saddle.

But, the addiction was cemented into my soul when I was asked to come and race off road with an older group. I had cousins who were part of the group and they wanted me to come an give it a try.

The first race was in Point Edward at a old quarry called “The Quarry”. There had been some crazy trails there. At first glance there was no way I could actually ride a bike down or up any of these trails. In time I came to ride everyone one and even more! It was a great proving ground.

After the first race I was hooked. I have enjoyed this addiction for a long time. Some seasons I may not get to ride as much as I like, others I have gotten to ride almost every day. I have always craved more.

I have made friends with my riding and did some traveling and learned a lot about just how hard I can push myself and the laws of physics. I have been able to clear my head, work out problems and once or twice ringing my own bell.

There is nothing that I crave more than the crystal clear sound of moving through the trails on my bike, the chain slapping the bike every now an than, a gentle breeze and the perfect moment.

A bad ride beats a good day anywhere else!

I want to share just what my addiction gives to me. Man, I can’t wait to get out and ride…

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