Vanish in Thin Air

I was driving listen to my Ipod and having a great day in general.  Everyone else in the vehicle was a sleep and I was enjoying the drive and great music.

Latch Key Kid is cool.  Heard him first on some mountain bike video’s and was the first disc I bought on Itunes when I got my Ipod.  Alternative but groovy and just great for an awesome day.

But, I have a problem.  I had a lyric (yesterday) that I thought would make a great title for this blog post.  Do you think I can remember it.  So I am here listening again trying to get re-inspired.  No luck so far!

Mind you I am enjoying listening to the music again. I think it was the song “Thin Air” that gave me the idea.  I wanted a cool title to intro my first week of Dreamworks. So I have sought a compromise.  I have taken a quote from the song.  Just like my thought it has vanished in thin air.

Dreamworks is pretty cool piece of software.  I am glad the HTML section came first.  Mind you, I think I could use it without HTML but it adds a further depth to what your doing.

All the pieces are starting to fall together and the bigger picture is becoming clear.

The program makes the code vanish in thin air and produces what is in your minds eye.  Very cool indeed!

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