This is my last week for XHTML and I am excited.  So excited that I emailed my instructor early to ask for my assignment so I can get a jump on it.  Of course I didn’t get the jump I wanted on it. But that’s besides the point isn’t it.

So I open the document and review it quickly and start to set up my files, do it all in a nice and orderly manner.  Nothing too crazy here, seems pretty straight forward.

When I sit down and really dig in…my mind out does itself.  I really start to over think everything.  How am I going to do all of this before then end of the week. What am I suppose to do with all of this.

So I take a step back take a deep breath go and pour myself another cup of coffee.

Time to call my instructor. I am thinking I am making it too complicated than it has to be, the whole forest for the trees type deal.  My suspicions are confirmed after speaking to my instructor.  I re-read the material and see the trees in the forest.

Put one step in front of another.  I was remind by someone recently of a quote I used.  I recalled the quote and it has many contexts that it could be used.

Courage is sometimes just taking the first step.

Once I broke it down it didn’t seem as such a daunting task. I am not saying it’s going to be a walk in the park not at all.  Just I can see the end.

This week has been a good week busy that’s for sure but productive. I was out with my kids and I saw this red four door Grand Am done up like it was straight out of the fast and the furious.  Now that in itself is bad enough.  Red with huge white strips.  I don’t think it would be fair to call it pin striping.

This vehicle not only represented the Canadian Tire school of car design but the owner had applied a theme.   The theme… Transformers!  This car had the logo from the movie.  With one major problems.

To confirm that there was really a problem I have done some research.  I have wikied, Googled and general searched the net and with some certain can say that the error on this vehicle is in fact an error.

Autobot is spelled just like that Autobot.  It is not spelled Ottobot!

In huge white letter across the rocker panels on both sides the owner has identified his vehicle as an Ottobot.

Maybe its a vehicle in disguise…just maybe it is.

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