Breaking the Code

I am coming to the end of my XHTML section with my course.  It will be six weeks when it’s all said an done.  Five of learning and a week for the final.

I have received the final project and it looks very interesting and challenging.  I just finished up reading the text book and have to tie some loose ends up to get the final week of instruction submitted before I dive into the project.

During the final chapter of the textbook, the author Patrick Griffiths talks about new media and how you would use your new found skills with this in mind.  XHTML Dogs does a great job in telling you the student what you should consider and keep in mind while designing your work.

But, to be honest at the time the text was written and even today I don’t think people realized how we consume media is changing.  There is a section that talks about thinking how people use the web.  It goes on to describe a desktop computer at a desk, etc…

Now, that’s not the case. Lots of people do not have a desktop computers but rather laptops or even net  books.  The advent of the Iphone, Itouch, Ipad (do you see a theme here) and other smart phones and tablets the way the media is consumed is so different.

As a web site designer you have to take it all into effect. At this point I am not sure how much this changes the game. It must change it a bit.  However, as long as your aware, forward looking and keep in touch with the latest and greatest you should be OK.

Building on that I am intending on posting on the school’s forms to see if we can generate some interest in developing more knowledge on how to develop the future web.  Some sort of information packet to deal with trends, devices and preparing all of us for whats coming.

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One Response to Breaking the Code

  1. Tammy says:

    Good idea Jason!

    The future of the web changes all the time and if a designer wants to keep up with the times, then we will continue to learn, study and put our skills to work. I really like the idea about putting up some type of forum for the students. I will be looking for it. 😉

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