Back-ups Who Needs a Stinking Back-up!

So there I am chilling at home, tons of things I should be doing, time to clean up my back-up external hard drive.  The terabyte external hard drive is great. All my music, movies that I would delete after watching them an some video games.

I know I have learned that an external hard drive isn’t a great or even a viable back-up, but that’s beside the point. So after doing the work to make it more organized and deleting junk that I should have before… It decides to crash.

Not a problem, hook it up to the laptop maybe it’s a bad connection. Nope that isn’t it.

Hmm time to hit Google. Ok, this is a common problem shouldn’t be a major issues.  Read this article, read that article and here is a great program.  Can it be this easy.

Wait a second I still have my old computer I can simply get all the old pictures off of that hard drive.  Hmm, that’s funny as it boots up it’s asking for a user name, what was it again.  Yeah, I know I shouldn’t have said it was going to be easy. Short version of the story 45 minutes later finally logged on and guess.  Go ahead.  Yep, my efficient self, moved everything to the external hard drive so that no private information was left on the computer for when it was recycled.

So I am going to run this program.  Two days later the scan is done.  They say it will be done in three simple steps.  Steps one and two are pretty easy. Step three and there isn’t anything on the drive.

So I started writing this post at the play ground on my Touch as my kids ran up and down on the slide, hit the swings and generally tired themselves out.

I have called a computer repair shot. They tell me they can try, but they would be using the same program that I just tried.  The tech says if it didn’t work for me than I am SOL.

As I sit in the sun I have resigned to myself that I have lost all my pictures and documents.  The documents aren’t a big deal but in today’s digital age the pictures sting.  Family photos gone with no real back up in sight.

Just for fun I tried the program one more time before I reformat the external hard drive.  It can’t hurt.


It worked, yes it worked!  Everything is there.  Wait, lets check first copy some info to the computer before I get to excited.


It cost me $79.oo but it worked.  Picture me standing up my kids staring at me as I fist pump the air.

Back-up, who needs a stinking back-up!

I do!

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One Response to Back-ups Who Needs a Stinking Back-up!

  1. Tammy says:

    Omg, as I read your blogs…I vision what you type! You have a very comical side to the light of things!

    Keep em up Jason! These blogs are FANTASTIC! And yes, back up….is indeed a must. LOL

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