Happy Canada Day & The G20

This week we have celebrated Canada Day.  Our great country turned 143 years young and we celebrate everything that is good.  As Canada Day gives up a nice long weekend news stories are still coming out about incidents at the G20 summit that was held in our largest city.

We are hearing cries of how our freedoms were squashed and how Un-Canadian the police reactions were. More about that in a few…

During this same time frame a new Highway of Heroes sprung up in Cape Breton thousands strong.  As we laid to rest  the first Cape Bretoner to be killed in action in Afghanistan.  This is a pretty amazing fact that Sgt MacNeil was the first as there are so many Capers who have served, are serving and will serve with the Canadian Forces.

The Canadian Forces contributed to how our country was forged.  Most say that Canada was truly born on the slopes of Vimy Ridge.

Now during the last G20 meeting held, in Toronto, Downtown Toronto at that.  There was several outbreaks of violence which included clashes with police, brunt police cars and the use of tear gas ( a first for the city).  Everyone is now sitting back giving their own point of view, most of whom were not even in the province of Ontario let alone in the City or the demonstrations.

Now I am not saying bad stuff didn’t happen.  Nor am I saying the police or the protesters are innocent or guilty.  It does take two to tango.  It’s frustrating to listen to the media explode about this and show loop after loop after loop of the same footage.  The person who is really at fault here…The Media.

Yes, police make mistakes and I am sure there were some people who shouldn’t have been arrested with the over 900 who were arrested as part of the demonstrations.  And in the past there has been some misguide undercover operations which make the police look very back. But to paint them with a brush of they planned things so they could respond with violence is a little much.

Now the same is true of most of the protesters…but not all.  We as the public there were and are people in our society who come to the dance to tango.  They studied tactics like Black Bloc.  Yes tactics, it’s not a group its a method of responding to riot/crowd control methods.  You show up with a gas mask, goggles and dressed in black sorry your not there to be peaceful.

Than there is the guy who’s on facebook, telling his story how he was arrested but he was innocent.  A innocent person maybe, I wasn’t there but why would he have the phone number to legal aid on a post it note in his pocket.  Makes me wonder.

And I am sure there were some police who stepped out of line.  That’s what public complaints are for.  Now if the media spent more time finding the real story, explaining the background and exposing all sides things would not be as muddy.

Or even a better conclusion leave it all alone and focus on the men and woman who are protecting our freedoms, who have made it possible for things like the G20 to happen.

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