The New Public Place

I started to listen to a lot of different podcasts. I have mentioned on previous post about Spark. It’s a CBC show all about tech and the net.

The latest podcast is about some of the new ideas within regards to public spaces an the traditional library. It also goes on and talks about some hyper community partnerships.

Pretty neat design projects and experiences.

So the library is turning it’s space into a more inviting public space. Taking the old model of a place were information is simply stored to a place to experience the information turning the convention model on it’s ear. Check out the link for some insight.

This new space use has improved the feeling of community and it really makes sense.  The Global Village is a very true term but something that we have lost here is the sense of village.  We don’t look after our own village but concentrate on the Global side of the equation.  This new use has us come back to the village.

Now even making more inroads to our sense of community is an art community project that is also explained and explored on this podcast.  (it was a good podcast what can I say)  The Virtual Street Corners project is very cool.  The project replaces a store front with a video screen, web cams and mics.  What you see is the image from the other street corner.  While your watching that corner, that corner is watching you, the microphones allow you to speak to the people on the other corner.

So you would think that these corners are in different cities but in fact they are simply blocks or a bus ride away from one another.  These sites allow people to speak to more people who actually live around them.

I got to think about all of this stuff as I am sitting at the local playground watching my kids run around in circles.  We actually changed playgrounds cause the new one has more people visiting.  Whats even better allowing the kids to play with other kids but it starts to build more on the sense of community.

Even more importantly…

It tired my kids out and they are both in bed early tonight!

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