The Medium is the Message

I remember growing up watching Canadian Heritage Moments on television. These commercials had a variety of Canadian moments which showcased our history. They brought attention to what it is to be Canadian, where our foundations were poured.

Lots of classic moments. Everything from the Avero Arrow to the invention of Basketball. One particular Heritage Moment came to mind the past two weeks. This clip was all about the light bulb moment of Canadian Professor Marshall McLuhan.

The medium is the message

As I study the theory around design, form and function and finish reading a great book called “The Age of Persuasion” I find myself thinking of this Heritage Moment and diving ever so deeper into the meaning.

I continue to study the theory of design and I find many interesting points of view. How one get’s the message to one’s audience and at the same time, how not only the audience but the medium shapes ones message.

One of the issues I have identified with regards to the message is explaining how or why I would display that message to an audience. |Describing why you do something that has some intuitiveness to it can get confusing.

“What matters today is locating your position finding vantage points from which to understand the world” Andrew Blauvelt

I am finding my moments of reflection growing. I am searching back to a place of creativity trying to change a mindset.

“even the simplest thing are very complicated when you look at them closely.” Henry Petroski

These quotes have struck a cord with me. “to really be successful you need to get a lot of people involved.” Linus Torvalds. To get a lot of people together you can’t get too deep.

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