Turning a Lizard into a Cow

It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

So my final assignment this week is to give an animal new skin. It’s pretty cool and I think I have a good idea.

So my idea. Take a normal iguana and take it’s reptile skin and replace it with a jersey cow skin. So now I have a base image, a background (a filed of course) and a foreground that I have to install as part of the assignment.

So my new lizard well now be parched on a rock pile looking over a field. He’s going to need a name and a background. It’s just crying for more information.

The process was very interesting indeed.  The biggest issues is not being happy with it an wanting to redo it at every turn.  But, I got to a point and it looked really cool.  Once I played with some of the effects that I was allowed to use it made a big difference.

The assignment did let me use all the skills that have been developed an I am now very familiar with the program.  The help Video allowed me to confirm what I was thinking and how i thought it should be done.  It helped my confidence level for sure.

I now have a valuable building block, a block that will be used again and again.

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2 Responses to Turning a Lizard into a Cow

  1. Gayle Bird says:

    This is great, can I post a link to here from our Facebook page as an example of what it’s like as a current student with us?

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