Week 5 Rolling along in Photoshop!

This week has been very interesting.  I have been able to do the work in the text and than expand my own creativity with the practical.  The practicals are more difficult that what the text lays out for you simply because they force you to think and apply what is needed.

Using the program is where you start to really learn.  Anyone can simply follow the step by step instruction.  Mind you I still went back into the text to make sure I was doing what I had to do correctly.

I took sometime to choose the web background that I had to produce for my practical.  I came up with an idea and than developed it.

My idea…

Was to take a photo that I took that showed a cut wood pile.  The page would be for a wood lot who would sell the wood.  This is started from someone who asked about developing a page for their wood company.

I had two photos that would work with this idea.

I started with the first web page and simply my idea didn’t work.  I spent sometime improving the image and ensuring that the color was correct.  Removed some imperfections.  Image looked good.  But the idea didn’t work.

My idea was to have the links appear on the faces of the cut logs in the pile.  With the size restrictions placed on me for this exercise just did not allow for the words to fit in a way that would look correct.

On to Plan B.

The second image is similar to the first and requiring the same types of improvements.  I even flipped the image to make it work.  Now, instead of having the image links on the faces of a log in this picture there is a tree.  So the Title of the page is in an open area while the navigation bar appears on the tree itself.

I think it looks pretty good.

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