Week Four: Pleaing back the layers…

I am continuing my work and as I move deeper it keeps getting more interesting. This week I am pealing back the layers and getting to the root image.

The text makes a good point when it states you should make sure all your photos that you intend to work on have the color balanced. It goes on to detail how to do that. It sounds hard an complicated but only at first. Once you do it a few times you start to breeze through it. It’s something one can take for granted, I can look at an image an think its good but when you check it can be better. It’s an eye, I am sure well develop more an more as I become more comfortable with dealing with the raw images in the program.

There is not much one can’t do with this suite and I am only at the start. In everything I see I see ways to improve or change how something is displayed.

I am working on my particle project and taking one step at a time really trying to take my time. I am finding that the directions are not the same as the text book. I find you have to adjust to a different way to figure out the problems.

Thank god for the instructors. It was great to ask the question an have someone know exactly what you mean an how to explain it.

Starting to think of creating a flicker account. Cause I am working on so many photos.

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