Timmy’s & the Enviroment

I love coffee.

I enjoy Tim Horton’s coffee and I like to make my own. I like trying new types of coffee an different flavors.

So I was in Tim’s a while ago now and I purchased a reusable mug. They are great. They keep your coffee warm longer, less of a chance for a spill an you have to work at burning yourself with them. You even get a little discount, ten cents off for a refill and it doesn’t even have to be a Tim’s mug.

So bravo to Tim’s for being environmentally responsible. Ummm wait a second. Hold that thought.

Why when I buy a refill do the Tim Horton’s employees pour my cup of Joe into a disposable, non-biodegradable waste producing cup first. They then proceed to pour it’s contains into my refill cup. I have seen this time an time again at different stores in different provinces.

Didn’t I buy my refill cup to not use the disposable cup.

Nice thought, poor execution!


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