The Reverse Life…living life in the rearview mirror!

I was listening to a Podcast the other day.  It was really interesting and got me thinking bout life and how we all live our lives.  Not only how we live our lives but what is out there, how are people going to live their lives after we are gone and so on.

The podcast is called Wire Tap and it’s from CBC Radio.  Its enjoyable, fun and makes you laugh.  Its long enough to be interesting but also short enough that you don’t have to book half a day to listen to it.  The cast of charterers are so quirky that they have to be real.

The episode I listened to, and got me thinking was called The Reverse Life.  It had a reading from a story, “Reversal” by David Eagleman.  The story was taken from a book by Eagleman called “Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives”.

The basic idea of this story is that we all live our lives.  We live them like we see fit.  When the end comes it simply comes and we end.  There is no afterlife, no nirvana, no heaven and no hell, its just over.


The story doesn’t end there, it’s just getting interesting.  The idea is that time doesn’t stop it keeps going, our universe is still expanding.  At some point its going to stop, however the universe is not going to want to stop moving.  So like a hyper active bouncy ball it’s going to come back at us. The hour glasses gets flipped back over for the sands of time to move again but now in the opposite direction.

So this whole dieing thing reverses and becomes our birth.  We would start this second life knowing all that we need to know and work our way backwards.  I am not totally sold that this is a good thing.

Now some of this could be grand, a journey that could not be compared.  But would you want to take this journey. Would we have to walk backwards all the time when we are living this reverse life?  I wasn’t much of a philosophy student in University.  I passed the class but I am pretty sure I slept through most of the class time.

But it still makes you think.  Is it better to know what is going to happen, when it’s over or is it better to think what might have and have no idea when it’s done.

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One Response to The Reverse Life…living life in the rearview mirror!

  1. Tammy says:

    If I personally were to look and analyze my life that way, you would probably have to admit me to a psychiatric ward and throw away the key. LOL

    I for one, have fear about death and those around me. Naturally, over time, I have found how to cope with my fear and realize that I need to focus on the “now” and not “the then” or “what if” motive. But…if you have ever watched the movie “The Lion King” its true to the song “Circle of Life”. To every beginning there is an end and to every end there is a new beginning.

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