Week 3 Photoshop

Week three has began and there is a different up swing in the work tempo. I like it. We are in the trenches now.

The program is pretty cool there is a lot you can do. The lessons are great but I think I am really going to get to learn more when I dig into my own work.

The ideas are flowing. I look at my own images and I can see how they can be modified and improved. But with great power comes great responsibility. Yes, I just quotes Spider-man.

With all the great things that can be done it also doesn’t take much to go over board. The challenge will not be the work on the photo but to have a client •explain• what they want. There is so much to be done you could bite off mote than you can chew.

When I work on my lessons, I review the attached video to get a feel for what’s coming. I am spend some quality time with the text book.

I am very impressed with the use of my Wacom Tablet an pen. I really didn’t think that the learning curve would be steep heck it’s a pen. I was wrong, but its not that bad. As I use it more I am finding it more an more versatile.

This week is very challenging!

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