Week Two Adobe Photoshop….

As I have worked on my assignments for this week I feel that this week and last weeks assignments could have been combined.  Last week was a nice intro to Photoshop.  This week is Adobe Bridge.

“Adobe Bridge is a powerful, easy-to-use media manager for visual people, letting you easily organize, browse, locate, and view creative assets.”

I like it.  It was very easy to take your photo’s and organize them so you can work with them much easier than how an operating system allows you to manage your media.  Spending the amount of time on this part of the Creative Suite, I have come to the conclusion that it maybe better served as part of Week one.  Complete an intro to Adobe Photoshop and the Bridge how to get your media there.  Than carry on into the media itself.

This application is going to make things easier for sure.  I have even gone as far as using it on my own photos to try and get them into some sort of organization.  Something I hate to say has been well overdo.

The best part of Adobe Bridge is that it’s easy to use.  It really is.  Take some time to find were your commands are and it all seems to flow from their.

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One Response to Week Two Adobe Photoshop….

  1. D says:

    Good job

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