Recently I spent some time playing a Ipod/Iphone game. The game iSniper 3D. The game itself was an interesting experience. It was fun but more than anything caused me to reflect back to my childhood.

Yeah it really did. The reason for this is that the game being visually stimulating and interesting would not cut it as a modern platform or computer game. The game play mechanics, IA and graphics aren’t there. But that is not the standard I think he developer was shooting for. What I see is a game that was cutting edge when I was 14 years old.

I am not saying this is bad. The important part is it fun. Something does not have to be on the bleeding edge to be good. It does have to engage you.

This game to me is blah. It’s not bad, it was free so it was fine. This preview wouldn’t cause me to run out to buy it. There are flaws but for the times I played it it was fun by it’s done and I don’t see myself going back. The days on my Ipod are numbered.

But if this was 1991 than dam this is cool.

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