Your Conspiracy Theory & My Life

Recently I finished watching the first season of  Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Venture.  Yep, you read right.  The former Governor, former Pro Wrestler and former Navel Seal.  No one can forget him in Predator.  Jesse is going to save us all.  Over the course of the season there are seven forty five minute (hour long with commercials) episodes.  But he’s showing his age.  Jesse The Body Venture is not a young man, nor is he very old but you can see that he has a hard time getting around. That’s why he his his Team!

The Body and his crack team of investigators tackle a host of theories.  Some of the topic in season on are:  9/11, Big Brother, Global Warming and Apocalypse 212. They do a pretty good job. Mind you there are some leaps of faith per say but they do point out some of the good stuff that every Theory must have.  They raise some doubt but sometimes it’s just out there.

Like the guy who shows up in a t-shirt and gym pants claiming to be an assassin trained by the United States government via mind control.  Come on were getting a little thin here on fact.  It will be interesting what will be on Season two if there is a Season two.

Than just recently on CBC’s Q they discuss a host of Theories and their effect on our news.  I enjoy Jian Ghomeshi and how he tackles his interviews and digs around for the facts.  But what got me think was how everyone wants to talk about Conspiracy this and Conspiracy that.

How many of us are out there thinking that we are the center of a Conspiracy?  How do you know if you are? Like really if its a good conspiracy than you shouldn’t know right.  But what if the people are simply lazy?  They do not want to take the time to do the right thing, they cut corners they don’t dot the proverbial i and cross the proverbial t.

How do you deal with that?

I am not sure but maybe if I call The Body he could help me…

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