Reality TV

So I am sitting in a waiting room and on the TV is the show “Look-a-Like”. Like really, really! There are people out there that watch this or even more out there people who feel the need to participate in this.

I am not saying that all reality tv is in the same lead as this show but there isn’t a lot out there that isn’t. Some of the shows prey on the insecure and weaker of our society.

The good ones explore some of the positive aspects of our society. I look at shows like “The Amazing Race” an “Extreme Home Make Over” just to name two. These shows people in tough situations and working through them. The thing about “The Amazing Race” I can really see myself running circles around the world. You really want to experience it.

There is is of course the DYI explosion. From shows to even whole channels. Mike Holmes is the man. These shows don’t prey on people but sometime they do highlight some of the less energetic parts our society. There is a guilty pleasure in watching a house flip go sour.

But these DYI shows have issues themselves. People watch them and think that home renos simple take a half hour or maybe an hour tops to get the work done. I don’t think so Tim.

Do I even make comment about “Survivor”, “Celeb Sex Rehab” or whatever show Flavor Flav is doing this week. “The Bachelor” in whatever form it is displayed is wrong on so many levels. We all know that. Even “Dancing with the Stars” you watch it to see Mair Osmond faint.

I don’t know if Web 2.0 his a by product of reality tv or the other way around. The sharing of information, Twitter and Face book all make people think we should share everything and that these shows are about real people. I am not saying Web 2.0 is bad but I am wondering if anyone ever looked at the connection!?

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