Safety in a Safe Workplace

I was watching a neat show last night on National Geographic. The show detailed how a rail company in the States decommissioned two rail locomotives.

They talked about how they recycle as much of the locomotives as possible, how long they can last and their sheer power. It was very interesting.

Now what really raised my eyebrow was some of the safety practice employed or lack of safety practices.

The locomotive was being decommissioned because it was no longer efficient. But that being said the engine was going to be reconditions and than can be reinstalled in a different locomotive.

So they cut everything off and these crews have safety gear on and such and the engine was removed and shipped to another company to be repaired. Here’s were it gets interesting.

We are introduced to a southern man win a Hulk Hogan mustache. The are pulling the engine apart and you can imagine the parts are not small. Our Hulkster first words are watch my head don’t crush me. Now this statement isn’t alarming but the fact that not one person is wearing any sort of hard hat. Things moving over their head and all, big things at that.

You than see Hulksters hands as they are dipped up to his elbows in oil as he attempts to dissembles the parts. What a nice huge ring he had on.

Well at least he was nice when he warned us “boy, this is going to be loud watch your ears.” But why didn’t he wear his own hearing protection.

Darwin was so right!

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