Olympics, TV and Symtoms of Withdraw

I know it’s bad when my four year old comes to me in the morning and asks to watch some Olympics. Is this a result of mass media campaigns or because I simple watched too much.

It was great fun watching the hockey game as a family, or speed skating and even those moments when my wife wanted to watch figure skating. These were some fun family times not to be forgotten.  All these fun an interesting winter sport, spotlighted for your viewing pleasure to be forgotten once the games are over.

Now here in Canada I think the games were a success.  Some Foreign media outlets proclaiming the games a failure days in.  I wonder what they will be saying in two years when the spotlight is on them.

Really thou, it was a lot of fun.  Some really cool sights and sounds showcasing Canada.  If you haven’t come across the Tom Brokaw youtube video, before they took it down.  It would make you proud to be Canadian.  Here is a link.. (don’t tell anyone) Than there is the Summit between the two Brain Williams.  Check it out!  American and Canadian TV relations are in hand.  These are some of only the positives that come out of this.  Can anyone say 14 Gold medals.

I think it’s important to focus on the positives rather than the negatives.  I am not saying that dialogue about some of the negatives associated with the Olympics aren’t justified or diverse their own discussion.  But, what I am saying sometime they drag down some of the good that come out of such things.

I think its awesome that both my kids haven’t stopped signing “O Canada” every chance they get.

But the real problem is what am I going to watch on TV now.  But as with every gray cloud there is a silver lining.


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