School Projects

So I have started my new course.  I am really excited.  I have received my first binder of information, my log in for the web site and spoke to my instructor.

Being a good student I have sat down organized a notebook and Microsoft OneNote.  What an awesome program.  But we can talk more about that later. So I am all organized and ready to learn about how website design.

Time to crack the books, Log in and get started.  OK, introduce myself to my instructor, create my online profile for the course and make sure I can navigate around.  Check all done, this is going to be exciting.

First weeks assignments.  WTF!

Noun, Pronoun, Verbs and Adverbs you can’t be serious.   How to read!  Lets check the second weeks assignments…  Spelling, sentence structure and what is a paragraph!

This isn’t good.  I know I said before that there are no stupid people just lazy people.  But you know what this is stupid.  IF someone enrolls in some kind of higher education and can’t get the elementary school basics than maybe they should have to take a different type of course.  The worse part of all of this, I am starting to doubt myself now.  I am by no means a perfect writer.  This is why I started my blog to get better. But now as I read this extremely basic stuff I am doubting myself.

It would really suck to fail one of these test after being so critical.  Wonder if I just send my blog to my instructor will I get the credit I need?

I better go study!

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2 Responses to School Projects

  1. Gayle Bird says:

    Psst… those assignments are there because you would be surprised how many people the school system has failed… and also because we needed assignments that could be done without a computer, as most people have student loans and they often have delays.

    • mtbsydney says:

      I totally understand…and I would love to say I rocked these assignments. Well I kind of did but I had to work at it. It wasn’t simple I had to reach way back to make sure I got it correct :D.

      It’s scary how our school system can say someone has passed but in reality they have failed.

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