Rock & Roll All Night and Party Everyday!

I officially feel old!

I am here listening to some great rock.  I love music I really do. I have always thought I have stayed current, I have that tune on the Ipod commercial on my Ipod… Oh wait that’s a couple of years old now.  Here lies why I feel old.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” came out in 91.  “Dr Feelgood” was in 89. Not even going to talk about some of the other staples of my music collection.  Some of it was before I was even born.  Everyone has those songs that are the bookmarks of our lives.  You know those songs you listen to and your thrown back in time.

I have been on a classic rock kick today.  I started with listening to some great music from the 70’s.  The golden era of rock.  I than listen to some classic OLD school rap and now I have some Hair Metal in, can we say Poison!

I am not saying that today’s music is bad.  But will it have the staying power of the music from the past.  Everyone seems to be redoing some song or another.  Some of this new spins on classic are good, others not so.  Has anyone listened to “Behind Blue Eyes” by Limp Bizket…  Has anyone heard of Limp Bizket lately!

Can anyone see my generation or the ones coming after us standing around the piano singing along to “Nothing but a G Thing”.  Now maybe back in the day, during the golden age they had the same type of pop garbage music. We don’t know about those songs cause they didn’t make it.

Steward Mac Lean once said on the Vinly Cafe, “we stop listening to new music in our thirties.  We become too busy.”  It’s the truth and once your out of the swing it’s hard to get back into it.  Now a days I try to stay current.  I will check out I-tunes and keep an ear for the artist that I like but new pop music, sorry can’t take that other than small doses.  I am in trouble when my kids get older.

I got to go find a litter, “Every Rose has a Thorn” is on!

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