Me an Bobby MacGee @ Tally Ho Tavern

I have traveling a lot he last few weeks. Traveling means lots of time on the road watching the miles click by, alone and bored. I have turned to a variety of pod casts, CBC radio and of course music.

While listening to all of this music I have had time to reflect on what some of this music really means, well means to me. Really there was one artist’s music that I really focused on and made me think.

Kris Kristofferson, he is an artist that was introduced to me by my father. He started listening to him because his oldest brother listened to him. I learned what great story telling really is from listening to his music. Now I have introduced it to my kids. They both love it and even sit down and sing his songs word for word. The best part Kris really can’t sing, he’s like Dylan, even I can sing his songs and sound good.

I started singing his songs to my kids. I just had enough of Sesame Street an Wiggles songs. But to help them go to sleep I needed a song. So I started with the music I knew. The first thing you have to know the words, and not the words you think are being sung but the real words.  It’s always enterating seeing what the real words are compared to what you thought they may have been.

So I have learned the words and I have the running request each night.. “I want Busted flattened batten”…and well if they aren’t ready to sleep, “I want Tally Ho Tavern.”  Now music is very subjective, every song means something different to each person.  Themes change based on who is listening to the music.

I have no idea what the song means to them. I think they just like to hear me attempt to sing.  To me Kris speak to me.  I can relate to different feelings, experiences and moments in my life.  Now, my feelings are only mine but it’s really cool to see the your kids are sharing something that you got to share with your parents.  It’s even cooler to see them interact with your parents and sing to them the songs they always loved.

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