Personalities, Morale and Blah

So you have a situation were everyone working in one place is frustrated, angry, and generally in a bad mood. What do you do?

Do you sook, cry and hide in your office. While hiding and complaining to everyone who would appears to listen.

Do follow the advice of the sage Flavor Flav and “Shut it down”. While making sure everyone knows why.

Do you simply do nothing. Ignore the problem and wait for it to go away. But, that won’t work. Don’t you remember the commercial were the kid asks his Dad the fisherman “where does it go? Away!”

Do you stand up advise people of what the problem is and take the next step an offer a solution. Anyone can pronounce what the problem maybe, those same people can hide under their desks and hope that it goes away. But, it take a leader to stand up and say no, this isn’t right let’s fix it.

A leader doesn’t always have to be in the lead but they always have to be a leader.

To become a good leader you first have to follow. You want to know what you’re talking about and one must know their limits. Some of the best leaders I have seen are the guys who can say “I don’t know.” A simple phrase to be sure but one that can be extremely difficult to say.

Good leaders seem to naturally surround themselves with good people. Yes men need not apply. The people around you can make you or just as easily break you.

I have heard it called an art. The art of leadership is the holy Grail. I can’t tell you how to do it, I can try an show you but you simple have to experience it, make mistakes learn and become better at it.

We still have that situation. What would you do? Well if you had a good leader there to start with you wouldn’t have the situation in the first place. Maybe it’s time to step up.

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