Poisoned Working

Throughout my professional career I have partook in a variety of training. This training has extended to very basic to the highly sophisticated. I have been the student, an observe and I have been the instructor.

Professional development and continual personal development is what drives us to become better at whatever profession we have chosen.

I have been the student and instructor in the field of work place relations. What’s expected of you and I in the workplace to ensure that the work gets done.

There are some proponents of this out there who dismiss the workplace relationship as simply touchy feel bull. These people would have one believe that there is nothing wrong with the way anyone does business.

I always enjoyed the training fielding,  the outlandish “what if” scenarios were there is no proper answer. They just make you think. Well to be honest some of the ideas out there were crazy. Could people really be that immature to disregard the rules in the work place. Would some really do everything in their power to sabotage someone else, honest or dishonestly.

Well seeing how in many respects I am living just those types of “what ifs” are more like they “did what”. What recourse does anyone have.

First off one has to stand up for themselves. I have latched on to the adage of don’t let them win.

I am closure to the end now than the beginning. It’s time to solider on and see if the system real works. I think it does but it takes a lot out of you.

I have confirmed one thing there is zero productivity in an office were everyone is looking over their shoulder. The worse part is those responsible still can’t see the writing on the wall.

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