People Watching

Wow, it’s amazing when one takes the time to observe ones surroundings.

I have always enjoyed observing the people around us. We all communicate more with body language than actual verbal language.

As I sit here in a relatively low budget steak house in a large metro area I see all demographics represented. Not only the demographics but all of our popular stereotypes.

There is the waitress who thinks she is to good for her job an wouldn’t be caught dead here other than that she works her. Than there is her polar opposite the friendly, engaging waitress who enjoys her job an improves your dinning experience.

As I look around I see the Jerry Springer rejects in their best white tank tops and ripped jeans. There are the ladies who think they are dressed to the nines but actually look more like a porn star than the classy look they were gunning for.

As i watch the eb and flow of the crowd and attaching likely stories to the various patrons. That guy in the pink shirt looks like he’s ignoring his date. Does he have somewhere better to be? Or, I am totally off base. Is it better to know the real story or to attach your personal version of events.

I guess the lesson to be learned is that it takes all kinds to make he world go around. Wonder what they are thinking about me!

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